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Fix car electrical charging problems with alternator replacement service. Find affordable onsite car repair.


Vehicle wont start. Get starter repaired by mobile mechanics. Best price on install, rebuild services.


Seattle quality brake repair specialist. Pads, calipers, drum replacement, rotors resurfaced.
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Tune Ups

Discount tuneup includes oil change, filter, spark plugs, wires, optional belts/hoses, top fluids up.

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Mobile Mechanics in Seattle providing import and domestic car repair services at your location. Specialize in alternators, starters, brakes and more. We fix; Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, GM, Ford.

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Starters, Alternators, Brakes, and more

How to check if alternator or electrical part is bad:

  • Check alternator serpentine belt for wear, cracks, damage. Alternator pulley noises, verify tension (loose , tight) as it should be loose enough you can push the belt down with two fingers, see belt flex on pulley.
  • Depending on cars mileage, amount of starts, part quality, average starter/alternator lifetime can be about ten years.
  • Multimeter, set dc volts, positive/negative ends connected to same battery terminals while the vehicle is running, meter should display inbetween 12v and 13v. Turn cars heater on maximum, alternator voltage should still display an average of 12v while under load dropping just a little bit is fine. Dropping 13 volts indicates an alternator problem.
  • Headlights are dim plus very bright or dim all the time can indicate alternator regulator or stator problems
  • Heater on high speed with lights on, the headlights look dim can mean your alternator needs to be serviced.
  • Your vehicle stops in the middle of the road while driving and when you turn the key nothing happens.
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Electrical diagnose starter problems

  • Starter motor cranking sounds slower when turning the ignition key. Starter click / multiple clicking noises can be heard instead of vehicle start.
  • Dash indicator/ warning lights are activated.
  • Car battery is out dated. Battery conditions determine how long a battery can last like climate, load, wear on alternator or starter. Majority of auto parts store have starter or battery test systems, test under load to troubleshoot problem.
  • Verify no cracks in old battery terminals. Check the terminal connections. Clean them with a wire brush. Replace old battery terminals.
  • Clean the battery posts, check the fuses. Use owner manual locate fuse box positions. Ensure good battery w/ correct cranking amps.
  • Installing aftermarket alarms in newer vehicles, if not properly installed, may cause no start problems not related to starter solenoid.
  • Radio stations that were programmed have reset can indicate power fluxuation issues related to electrical.
  • Extreme temperature changes, hot/cold weather can cause more wear/ tear on the electrical system and starter motor.
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Locally owned and operated, is an independent automotive repair company currently serving the Seattle metro area specializing in alternator and starter repair.

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