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Local mechanics providing Clutch Replacement services to Seattle, WA and other surrounding areas.

Import & Domestic Clutch Service

  • Clutch Removal and Installation
  • Clutch Rebuilding
  • Custom Clutch manufacturing
  • Racing Clutches
  • High Performance Clutches

We offer domestic and import automotive repair services specializing in clutches, flywheels, ring gears, clutch forks, ball studs, pivots, clutch cables, clutch master and slave cylinders. Additionally vehicle flywheel resurfacing and clutch rebuilds.


Information about Clutch Replacement Services at Mechanic Seattle

The lifetime of a manual transmission can be prolonged with clutch maintenance at the local auto repair shop. If your clutch is slipping or its hard getting into gear you may have clutch related problems. The clutch is used to engage and disengage the transmission and the engine shaft components that drive the wheels. The pressure plate releases from the flywheel and separates the tranny from the engine. This enables the driver to switch between gears using the clutch peddle. Get low cost clutch services today.

How to get the best Clutch Replacement Services at Mechanic Seattle?

Overtime your clutch wears out with every press down for the clutch peddle. This grinding of the fly wheel caused by friction and repeated mileage wears out the plate, gears, and bears causing the automobile to breakdown. Without the ability to put the car into gear, renders the vehicle useless. Clutch replacement service can be expensive. Our shop understands and provides the lowest costs available. Depending on the driver and how hard you drive the manual transmissions with care and keep up with clutch maintenance. A basic clutch maintenance check can help extend the life of your clutch. When you cars clutch fails, the transmission will not be able to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. If you still experience grinding and rumbling noises after components have been replaced and a clutch adjustment has been made, a clutch replacement will be required to restore full operation to your transmission and your vehicle.

High Performance Installation & Rebuilding

Have your classic car, antique or obsolete clutch rebuilt. We offer high performance / racing clutch replacement for street, strip, track and off-road applications. Overtime these parts become worn very quickly compared to other parts and need the attention often by a specialized mechanic. We service the Clutch Replacement removal/installation needs of customers in Seattle, WA and surrounding areas.

We offer low cost clutch installation on a wide variety of import and domestic automobiles

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