Battery Diagnosis & Replacement

Low cost Battery Replacement

Being able to provide all around maintenance while we help repair our customers vehicles has been what we enjoy doing and what we do great. Working with distributers we are able to provide low cost battery parts and replacement services.

How to care for Battery and regular Maintenance

For a longer lifetime, the battery is essential in the operation of an automobile. Using routine battery maintenance and care solutions can prolong the life of a battery. Using simple methods like; insuring a proper connection to the terminals, look for corrisions, expiration date and wear. Remove the positive and negative connections. Using a terminal cleaner or wire brush clean the battery terminal and wire ends. Look for cracks on the terminal wire ends and replace if needed. Using an 8mm or 10mm wrench, do not over tighten when replacing connections or the terminals will crack causing charging problems.

Service Areas

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Locally owned and operated, is an independent automotive repair company currently serving the Seattle metro area specializing in alternator and starter repair.

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Providing the best deals for alternator and starter repair. As automotive specialists in rebuilding, installation, replacement for many types of vehicles repaired at your location.

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