Spark Plugs

High Quality Spark Plug Replacement

A part of the tune-up package we offer spark plug replacement services using the highest quality plugs available on the market. Measuring the gap point accurately we are able to tune your automobile to the fullest potential of power. Determining the needs of your vehicle during this routine maintenance, our mechanics provides Seattle area customers with import and domestic spark plug replacement tune up services.

Routine spark plug vehicle maintenance

Everyday wear and tear on your car or truck creates carbon buildup on the spark plugs making the spark not as effective. Most households are able to care and maintain this part by routine cleaning. Remove the plugs using a common off the shelf spark plug socket and wrench. Using a wire brush or old toothbrush clean the black carbon around the plug. After srubbing clean the carbon, use a gap tool to measure the gap of the plug to test or set the space.

If your car is having problems with no spark? Contact us and our mobile mechanics can come to your location and diagnose your problem or provide you with a quality tuneup.

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